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Necessary care for camping with your children

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Undoubtedly, an amazing idea to spend time with your little ones could be to take them camping, because what better than nature to live together and let your imagination fly.

If you go camping with them, don’t forget to plan recreational activities, such as treasure hunts, hide-and-seek, or turning tent-building into a competition. hoh make sure you pack what is necessary for your comfort, because if you are not used to this type of trips it could turn into a trick.

You will also have to take into account all the necessary care to fully enjoy the experience, so we recommend you take into account the following points:



keep watch

It will be important not to take your eyes off them, as their desire to explore is great and curiosity could end in an incident. However, this does not mean that you should be extremely careful, try to make them feel confident that they can do things for themselves, so watching them from afar will be fine from time to time.

Necessary care for camping with your children bye bites


Dangerous plants and animals

Children love to discover , touch plants, caress animals or start digging in the ground; and although it is part of the experience , it will be better to prevent and investigate before if there are poisonous plants in the area or any animal that represents a risk.


Insect bites

While exploring in lagoons, puddles, plants or trees, they are exposed to hundreds of insects, which can transmit diseases. For example, a mosquito bite could be the cause of infecting them with dengue, malaria, zika or chinkungunya; but the anguish is unnecessary, because it is enough to use an effective repellent that protects your delicate skin: Bye Bites Sensitive is an excellent choice for children or Bye Bites Forte if extra protection is required.



Whatever the season of the year, it will always be worth wearing coats. It could be a very hot day, but being wooded environments, the temperature tends to drop at night, so warm blankets will not be too much.


Caution with fire

Who doesn’t love a campfire night and roasted bonbons?
For children it is all a dream, just make sure that before lighting the fire they know that it is important to keep their distance and not throw things into the fire that could cause it to get out of control.

Necessary care for camping with your children bye bites


Now you know that with the necessary precautions, that family camping could become a great memory… How about the next long weekend?

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