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It’s almost summer vacation, and surely the first destination you want to go to relax and enjoy a warm day is the beach. What you probably didn’t know is that we not only have to take care of ourselves from a serious sunburn, but also from a small insect that is very similar to mosquitoes: the midge.


Better known as the sand fly, the color of this bug ranges from yellow, black and even gray. Its size is very small compared to common mosquitoes. These tiny vermin live in warm areas and feed on warm-blooded animals and people that give off a considerable amount of carbon dioxide (the same mechanism used by mosquitoes).

jejen bye bites mosquitoes


You may not immediately realize you’ve been bitten by a midge, but within a few minutes you’ll feel more itchy than a mosquito bite, accompanied by excruciating burning and swelling.


If you identify a midge bite, we recommend washing the affected area very well with soap and water, as these insects carry a huge amount of bacteria acquired from rotten food or dead animals. Followed by this, apply a layer of Bye Bites After® , thanks to its ingredients, will create a fresh sensation that will comfort your skin and prevent scars from itching.


It is important that you treat the injury in this way, since, as if the painful bite were not enough, the midges can also spread a disease that could be fatal: Leishmaniasis.


This disease is caused by a parasite generated by gnats and that can be transmitted at the time of the bite. Some of the manifestations of this condition range from skin ulcers that can heal on their own, to severe cases of inflammation of the liver and spleen. The impressive thing is that it not only affects humans, but also dogs, and the reactions can be just as dangerous.


In Mexico, there are control brigades that prevent the proliferation of these bugs on the beaches, however, you are not exempt from encountering one of these swarms while all you want is to enjoy the view of the sea. To prevent this bug from harming your family, remember to take Bye Bites Forte® with you, the repellent against any type of insect, which also provides up to 8 hours of maximum protection.


Don’t let anything ruin your vacation!