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Here we briefly tell you the essential points for you to choose your repellent!

There are different types on the market, such as spray, aerosol, gel and cream. To determine which one you should buy, you will have to determine the situation in which you will be using it, who will be using it, the level of exposure, and even the sensation you would like to feel on your skin, as well as its smell.

That is why at Bye Bites we have a mini guide for you to choose the best one according to your needs.

Different insect repellents are used for different applications and situations:

• Applications on skin and clothing, use aerosol or spray.

• Skin applications, use liquid, cream, aerosol or gel products.

• For situations with minimal exposure to insects, use products with a low active concentration (natural or IR3535).

• For longer protection and high risk of bites, use repellents with high concentrations of the active ingredient (DEET).

But, how do you know how long your application lasts? Well, depending on the amount of active it contains, you will know its duration:

Natural ingredients: 2 hours

IR 3535: 4 – 6 hours

DEET 10% to 15% : 6 hours

DEET 15% to 25% : 8 hours

DEET 25% to 30%: 12 hours

Now, do you know which one you need?

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