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In these times where minimizing our environmental footprint is so important, we must not neglect any aspect of life in which we can contribute to caring for the planet.

Back to school is approaching, so we have some suggestions for you on how to have a completely zero waste return to school.


planet Earth


The manufacture of any textile or synthetic is highly polluting. Instead of buying a new backpack every school year, we suggest that your children use the backpack they have until it breaks or doesn’t work, not before. You can also get used backpacks in excellent condition in bazaars or markets.


back to school


Check your house well

Many times we buy school supplies that come on the list without first checking what we have at home. Check if any pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, colors, etc. they are not lying around waiting to be used.

colored markers



invest a little more

If your economy allows it, buy metal school supplies (lunch box, scissors, etc.) that will last much longer than their cheap plastic versions. Remember that we must reduce our plastic consumption as much as possible.

Lunch box


Look for eco-friendly options.

In stationery stores, stationery stores and online, earth-friendly options abound. From notebooks with 100% recycled sheets, colors made with reused wood, and much more.

renewable cities




You don’t have to buy the textbook your child needs brand new. Generally, the list of books to buy is the same: check with parents of children who have already completed the grade your child is in, and buy it at half price. (Maybe they’ll even give it to you)

Another option is to search on Facebook, where you may find the book you need in market groups. In addition to reducing your environmental footprint, you save quite a bit.



One last piece of advice!

This return to school is also important to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, which is why we recommend our Bye Bites Natural repellent, which has a certified 100% biodegradable formula. Made with all-natural ingredients! 🍃

natural mosquito repellent


We hope these tips will help you to move forward on the path to having an eco-friendly life. To take care of the planet has been said!