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No matter what time of year we are in, our routine begins by applying products in the morning and
re-applying them during the day. We are always exposed to the use of chemical-based products, ranging from body lotions, makeup, insecticides, among others; and most of us are unaware of the negative impact it can have not only on us, but on pets or the environment.

Thus, at times when mosquitoes appear, the use of repellent is essential several times a day to avoid annoying bites at all costs. However, we do not stop to look at the label of some strong chemical-based products that could not only affect us, but also the place where we are using it. For example, living with your pet, have you ever wondered if any product you use could affect it?

Given this situation, if you are concerned about the type of products you use daily, the best are eco-friendly ones, since they are based on natural ingredients and not chemicals. Therefore, we share 4 ways in which you help the environment by using a natural repellent :

1- Natural balance of the ecosystem:
When vacationing, have you ever noticed that there are restrictions on the use of certain products? such as sunscreen or even the exclusive use of a bathing suit and not common clothing. This is because there are highly protected ecosystems to maintain their conservation and at the same time allow tourism. In these scenarios, the use of Bye Bites natural repellent is excellent , since it is friendly in any environment as it is made with eucalyptus, lavender and citronella.

2-You do not eliminate insects:
These natural elements such as eucalyptus, lavender and citronella give off an aroma that is unbearable for many insects, causing them not to want to get close to you. That way you don’t break the cycle of the natural environment of those animals.

3- Skin without side effects:
If your skin is sensitive, a natural repellent will help you maintain a balance in your skin, avoiding reactions such as irritation.

4-Safe use during pregnancy:
During the care at this stage, you can feel safe using a natural repellent such as Bye Bites , since it is made from natural extracts, does not contain alcohol, does not irritate the skin and has a pleasant aroma to make you feel comfortable.